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Reservoir Ridge Natural Area

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  • Reservoir Ridge Natural Area 1
  • Reservoir Ridge Natural Area 1

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Overland Trail to Co Rd 23 Parking Area

Area Fort Collins
Park/Forest Reservoir Ridge Natural Area
Trailhead Overland Trail Parking Area
Distance Roundtrip 5.8 Miles
Elevation Start 5110 ft
Elevation Gain ≈ 422 ft
Features Foothills
Dogs Allowed? Yes, on leash


Reservoir Ridge Natural Area has a network of trails, over 5 miles in total. There are 3 parking areas from which to start your hike. All the trails are interconnected and can be as long or short as you like. Great views can be had at both the lower and higher starting points.

The Overland trail parking area provides access to a flat section of the Foothills Trail and the Michaud Ln parking area starts at the relatively flat Michaud Spur. Both of these start closer to town and start below the foothills but extend into the foothills through the trail network.

The County Rd 23 parking area starts in the foothills by Horsetooth Reservoir. After about 0.3 miles you can go left or right, each with about a 1.2 mile loop. The North Loop climbs more in elevation and the unnamed loop to the right is part of the Foothills Trail to a small connector trail to a trail that travels back through a valley towards the parking area.

For simplicity, the stats are for traveling from the Overland Trail Parking Area to the County Rd 23 parking area.

Directions info

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There are parking areas off Overland Trail, Michaud Ln and Country Rd 23


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