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Gateway Natural Area: Seaman Reservoir

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Gateway Natural Area: Seaman Reservoir

Area Fort Collins
Park/Forest Gateway Natural Area
Trailhead Black Powder/Seaman Reservoir
Distance Roundtrip 2.0 Miles
Elevation Start 5358 ft
Elevation Gain ≈ 150 ft
Features Reservoir
Dogs Allowed? Yes, on leash


Gateway Natural Area is a great park that is a close drive from Fort Collins but feels more remote. The trail to Seaman Reservoir is a pleasant, if uneventful walk up a gravel path/road to a rocky trail. Nice views when you get up to the reservoir. Don't go in the water near the dam, as the dam creates strong undercurrents and is extremely dangerous. Travel out the same trail you came in on.

Directions info

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Gateway Natural Area is about 15 miles northwest of Fort Collins. Take Highway 287 to Highway 14 and go west about 5 miles. The entrance is on the north side of the road.


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