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Browns Lake Trail #941

Area Poudre Canyon/Pingree Park
Park/Forest Roosevelt National Forest
Trailhead Browns Lake Trail #941
Distance Roundtrip 8.2 Miles
Elevation Start 10,480 ft
Elevation Gain ≈ 950 ft
Features Lake, Vistas
Dogs Allowed? Yes, on leash


This is a great hike in Pingree Park with incredible views of the surrounding mountain ranges. The trail starts across the road from the parking area and heads south. The trail starts out forested and then you start to reach tundra where the views really open up. You'll cross just under Crown Point which is a sort of rocky cone peak. After crossing a tundra valley you will descend again through more forest to Browns Lake. If camping, you are required to stay at one of the designated camping sites.

This is a much tougher hike than the stats might suggest. You gain a lot of elevation fairly quickly, then there is a big dip in the middle where you lose and then regain the elevation, and then you descend to Browns Lake which is at about the same elevation as the trailhead. Because of all this elevation gain and loss, it makes for a really tough out and back day hike and may be better to do as an overnight backpacking trip.

The stats are for just going to Browns Lake but the Browns Lake Trail extends another 1.6 miles where it meets the Beaver Creek Trail.

Directions info

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In the Pingree Park area off Crown Point Rd. Once you leave Highway 14, the Pingree Park area is gravel roads through the mountains, so that will add extra time to your trip.


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