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This is a handy tool to help you find exactly the hike you are looking for. You can select the filters in the dropdowns and input boxes to update the list with the trails that match. Looking for a hike around Fort Collins that's less than 4 miles roundtrip and allows dogs? Just select those filters and you'll have a list of hikes that meet your criteria. You can then click on the link in the "Trail" column and that will take you to a more detailed page for that trail, with pictures, map, description and more. Click on the "Hike Filter Info" link below for more info on the filters. Enjoy your hiking!

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Dogs Allowed?

Miles Roundtrip Minimum
Miles Roundtrip Maximum

Elevation Gain Minimum
Elevation Gain Maximum

Trail Miles RT Area Elev Start(ft) Elev Gain(ft) Feature Dogs?
Bobcat Ridge: Valley Loop 4.0 Fort Collins 5440 100 Foothills No
Eagle's Nest: 3 Bar Trail 3.4 Fort Collins 6022 380 Foothills Yes, on leash
Gateway: Black Powder Trail 1.7 Fort Collins 5358 410 Vista Yes, on leash
Gateway: Seaman Reservoir 2.0 Fort Collins 5358 150 Lake Yes, on leash
Fossil Creek Reservoir: Cattail Flats Trail 1.6 Fort Collins 4878 6 Lake No
Horsetooth Falls Trail 2.4 Fort Collins 5798 104 Waterfall Yes, on leash
Swan Johnson-Shoreline-Nomad Loop 3.2 Fort Collins 5448 70 Foothills Yes, on leash
Cathy Fromme: Fossil Creek Trail 4.8 Fort Collins 5016 130 Prairie Yes, on leash
Reservoir Ridge Natural Area 5.8 Fort Collins 5110 422 Foothills Yes, on leash
Kingfisher Point Natural Area 1.6 Fort Collins 4914 8 River Yes, on leash
Pineridge Natural Area 2.0 Fort Collins 5216 34 Lake Yes, on leash
Riverbend Ponds 1.5 Fort Collins 4897 10 Lake Yes, on leash
Running Deer Natural Area 1.4 Fort Collins 4889 7 Wetlands No
Ramsay-Shockey 2.5 Fort Collins 6608 274 Lake Yes, on leash
Coyote Ridge/Rimrock 7.1 Fort Collins 5132 556 Foothills No
Lory SP: Arthur's Rock Trail 3.4 Fort Collins 5600 1180 Vista Yes, on leash
Zimmerman Lake 2.0 Poudre Canyon 10,030 450 Lake Yes
Hewlett Gulch 6.0 Poudre Canyon 5680 420 River Yes
Mt McConnel 3.5 Poudre Canyon 6680 1280 Vista Yes, on leash
Dowdy Lake 2.2 Red Feather 8100 40 Lake Yes, on leash
Molly Lake 2.3 Red Feather 8558 58 Lake Yes
Browns Lake 8.2 Poudre Canyon 10,480 950 Lake Yes, on leash
American Lakes 11.0 Poudre Canyon 9520 1520 Lake Yes, on leash
Pawnee Buttes 3.0 Plains 5425 200 Prairie Yes
Lady Moon Trail 2.2 Red Feather 8103 179 Meadow Yes
Mount Margaret 7.6 Red Feather 8090 190 Meadow Yes
Disappointment Falls 2.0 Red Feather 7794 102 Waterfall Yes
Elkhorn Creek 2.6 Red Feather 7794 390 Vista Yes
Donner Pass Trail 2.6 Fort Collins 8290 180 Forest Yes
K-Lynn Cameron Trail 4.3 Plains 6282 450 Foothills No
Red Mountain Open Space 3.7 Plains 6282 300 Foothills No
Soapstone Prairie: Mahogany Loop 7.4 Plains 6560 330 Prairie No
Bear Lake 0.6 Estes Park 9475 20 Lake No
Alberta Falls 1.6 Estes Park 9240 160 Waterfall No
Sprague Lake 0.5 Estes Park 8710 20 Lake No
Ouzel Falls 5.4 Estes Park 8500 950 Waterfall No
Bluebird Lake 12.0 Estes Park 8500 2478 Lake No
Gem Lake 3.2 Estes Park 7840 1000 Lake No
North Fork Trail 8.6 Estes Park 7990 980 River Yes, on leash
Lily Mountain Trail 3.8 Estes Park 8800 940 Vista Yes
Mt Sanitas Loop 3.0 Boulder 5520 1343 Foothills Yes
St Vrain State Park 1.3 Boulder 4833 6 Lake Yes, on leash
Diamond Lake 5.2 Boulder 10,100 840 Lake Yes, on leash
Mt Evans 0.5 Denver 14,130 134 Vista Yes, on leash
Golden Gate Canyon: Burro Trail 6.2 Denver 7860 1281 Vista Yes, on leash
Pawnee Pass 9.2 Boulder 10,500 2041 Vista Yes, on leash
Eldorado Canyon: Rattlesnake Gulch 4.0 Boulder 6000 1200 Vista Yes, on leash
Upper Slide Lake 11.0 Steamboat Springs 8740 2060 Lake Yes, on leash
Wall/Trappers Lake Loop 14.0 Steamboat Springs 9766 1447 Lake Yes

The filters help you easily find the hike with the attributes you are looking for. All the trails are listed to begin with. The list will automatically and immediately update when you select a filter. You can use multiple filters at once. You can also sort the list in ascending or descending order by clicking each column heading.

  • Trail: The name of the trail
  • Miles RT: The roundtrip distance of the hike in miles. For the filter, you can put in a number for both minimum or maximum or only one of them.(ex. put 4 in maximum and it will list only hikes under 4 miles)
  • Area: The general area where the hike is located
  • Elev Start(ft):The elevation at the trailhead in feet
  • Elev Gain(ft): The elevation gain of the trail in feet. For the filter, you can put in a number for both minimum or maximum or only one of them.(ex. put 500 in maximum and it will list only hikes with under 500 elevation gain)
  • Feature: A main feature of the hike(ex. waterfall, lake, etc). There may be other features on the trail as well but just one main one is listed. These are also general, so for instance 'reservoir' will be listed as 'lake'.
  • Dogs?: If dogs allowed on the trail or not
  • Clear Filters: Clicking this button will clear all the filters and show all the hikes again.
  • Search: The search box above the list. You can type anything in there and it will search all the columns of all the hikes.(ex. horsetooth). You'll have to delete what you searched for or click clear filters to show all the hikes again.

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